'How to order Yong
Tau Foo'
. An illustrated guide for the Food Issue (Oct to Dec '14) of The Substation's quarterly magazine, out now in Singapore.

Happy to have worked with Ministry of Stories and Skyway on an illustration project in August. The youths built a community edible garden in Hoxton and together, we created a guide to growing and eating your own food.

I've teamed up with the pair from Barry's Hug– Sean (gardener, forager and chef at 8 Hoxton Square) and Ed (Ed Laurie and Straw Dogs)– to host the last BBQ before the sun says goodbye. Smoke, chilli and rock 'n' roll! Tickets here.

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The awesome folks at Naiise did an interview with me. Now up!

First of a weekly food column collaboration with Nong for Honeycombers Singapore– a naughty Viet noodle salad.

Let's rot veggies together. Fermentation workshop at Nong Edible Gardens 15 Feb. Achar! Kimchi !